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Copyright by Stormy RedDoor

                                   Good Hunt   41x37cm

                                         Howling  23/18cm

                    Framed Medicine Wheel   20/20cm

                                 Power Feather   32/13cm

                                      Buffalo!   45/37cm

                                      Freedom   19/12cm

                               Smudge Stone   30/14cm

                                        A Gift   54/30cm

Landing   19/15cm

Coupe Stick   20/15cm

Day and Night 35/26cm

                               Mother Earth    19cm/42cm

                     Pipes of the four Winds    34cm/22cm

                    Medicine Wheele Feather    32cm/30cm

                               Horse  Society    60cm/32cm

                                  The Apache    41cm/30cm

All pices of art can be purchased.

Alle Kunstwerke sind käuflich zu erwerben.

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