Stormy RedDoor Artist


The journey, which begins with a search for harmony and balance, will inevitably take many forms. In the path of the Native American artist, Stormy RedDoor, has been as callenging and blessed as any taken before.

Stormy was born and raised on the Fort Peck Reservation in eastern Montana; home of the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes. His lineage echoes a great horse warrior society. Stormy's ancestors roamed over a vast territory that centered around the sacred Black Hills.

After returning from a tour in Vietnam as United States Marine, Stormy moved to a remote corner of the Navajo Reservation in southeastern Utah. It is here in an isolated canyon along the San Juan River that he found the beauty and serenity that is revealed in his artwork.

It is the red rock country of the Four Corners region, home of the ancient Anasazi, that Stormy found inspiration to create a unique art form; hand carved into native stone. The abundance of rock art (ancient signs and symbols) acted as a catalyst to restore balance to a man who confronted chaos and turmoil throughout his life. Through the media of ancient stone, Stormy works continuously to reval the spiritual and aesthetic character that is universal in concept, unique in being.

His recent success in the galleries and museums of Europe has renewed his faith in humanity and given him the opportunity to exchange cultural views with the ancestors of modern Anglo Americans.

One has only to look into the stones to see the spirit of the true artist.

Here is a man with a message for humanity created especially for those who truly know how to listen.